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Hippies & Dogs

I knew a couple that were really like Chip and Buffy. They were a truly young yuppie couple who were real animal lovers and who drove a top-down Mercedes 450 SL. One night at a stoplight in Glendale, California, two lost Golden Retrievers appeared. Being good animal lovers, they put the dogs in the back seat and took them to an all-night veterinarian and promised the vet they would come back the next day to find the dogs’ owners. They picked up the dogs on a hot 105-degree day. CalTans was doing work on Brand Boulevard so they were stuck in a traffic jam, with the top down, and the two dogs in the backseat. Suddenly, people started honking, pointing and laughing. Much to their dismay, my two yuppie friends looked in the backseat to see the dogs “shall we say” being romantic. The top on the car was stuck and wouldn’t go up and the traffic was so bad they couldn’t move. So they just sat there checking their Rolexes.
And they weren’t even their dogs!


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