Right Here Right Here

Crystal Cathedral float & An “Flashing” Angel

I was doing the Hollywood Christmas parade with former Miss America Lee Meriwether.  The famous Orange County church, The Crystal Cathedral, always had a float in the parade to publicize its annual Christmas program “The Glory of Christmas”.  It was always a beautiful float and was well received by the audience.  One year they decided [...]

Stephanie Edwards & a Confused Fan

Hi and welcome to more Short Stories about Big People.  I thought we would have some fun with the world of Television.  So hang on, here we go, with Short Stories about Big People.
As you probably know I have done the television commentary for the Rose Parade on channel 5 for the past thirty some [...]

Hippies & Dogs

I knew a couple that were really like Chip and Buffy. They were a truly young yuppie couple who were real animal lovers and who drove a top-down Mercedes 450 SL. One night at a stoplight in Glendale, California, two lost Golden Retrievers appeared. Being good animal lovers, they put the dogs in the back [...]