Right Here Right Here

Atlantic City – Lunch

Back in the 70’s I was doing a live game show at Resorts International Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey. While there I was asked to have lunch with a gentleman that I soon discovered was a very high member of a local mob family. Needless to say I was pretty nervous. During the lunch [...]

Last time with the Rolling Stones

I really thought that Mick Jagger and I were oil and water so I was very surprised when the following year, we got a call asking if we wanted to do the Stones again. This time they wanted to play the larger Long Beach Arena, with a capacity of about 14,000. Since time has a [...]

Tex Earndhardt & JJ the monkey

My friend, Tex Earnhardt, is the big car dealer in Phoenix, AZ. Tex, like the famous Cal Worthington, does his own car commercials and is known throughout Arizona. Tex and his wife had a chimpanzee named JJ.  JJ was quite a character.  He wore a cowboy suit every morning, and would usually go out to [...]

Crystal Cathedral float & An “Flashing” Angel

I was doing the Hollywood Christmas parade with former Miss America Lee Meriwether.  The famous Orange County church, The Crystal Cathedral, always had a float in the parade to publicize its annual Christmas program “The Glory of Christmas”.  It was always a beautiful float and was well received by the audience.  One year they decided [...]

Stephanie Edwards & a Confused Fan

Hi and welcome to more Short Stories about Big People.  I thought we would have some fun with the world of Television.  So hang on, here we go, with Short Stories about Big People.
As you probably know I have done the television commentary for the Rose Parade on channel 5 for the past thirty some [...]

Hippies & Dogs

I knew a couple that were really like Chip and Buffy. They were a truly young yuppie couple who were real animal lovers and who drove a top-down Mercedes 450 SL. One night at a stoplight in Glendale, California, two lost Golden Retrievers appeared. Being good animal lovers, they put the dogs in the back [...]

Michael Landon, Flower Children & A Country Bumpkin

Hi and welcome to my blog, which I like to call Short Stories about Big People.  I have had the privilege of meeting some very special people.  One of them was my friend Michael Landon.
When Michael Landon was doing “Highway to Heaven” for NBC, I went to him on behalf of my youngest son, Corey, [...]