"Bob's story is truly the American Dream...from a small town disc jockey
to one of the most successful television personalities and businessmen in America!"

- Leeza Gibbons


"Bob has a special way of leading others to self-awareness through humor.
He admonishes the significant force in each of us that drives out
ambition, prosperity, and takes us to the prize."

- Kay Caldwell, Southwest Airlines


"Bob reminded us of the importance of first impressions,
personal interaction and individual attention."

- Scott W. Cooksey, Texas Tech University


"We needed a good laugh and Bob brought it to us,
yet we left with an appreciation of the importance of people skills."

- Kyle Ward, Mothers Against Drunk Driving


"His use of Newlywed Game outtakes had everyone in stiches,
yet they drove his message home."

- Lani Somach, Orlando Convention & Visitors Bureau



Bob Eubanks Biz

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