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On the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles touring North America, I have decided to share some of my personal memorabilia and memories of my time and experiences with the Beatles as the promoter of their Los Angeles, CA performances.

The first offering is a limited edition poster from the 1965 Hollywood Bowl dates, signed by me, accompanied with 3 pictures from my personal archives, and a certificate of authenticity.

I hope you enjoy owning these as much as I have over these last 50 years!

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Hollywood's Hottest Game Shows

Hollywood's Hottest Game Shows hosted by legendary Game Show Host, Bob Eubanks. Nine fun filled games designed especially for your Casino demographics. There is no other game show on the road that is as highly produced and highly entertaining as Hollywood's Hottest Game Shows.



Keynote Speaker

Bob Eubanks, five-time Emmy Award winning Host of the Newlywed Game is one of the most sought after motivational speakers. As a motivational speaker, Eubanks draws from his long personal interaction with contestants on game shows such as the Newlywed Game, as well as his experience as one of Hollywood's most successful entrepreneurs. Eubanks focuses on enhancing people skills, team building, relationships, ethnic diversity, and the use of humor as a communication skill.

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The NOT So Newlywed Game

Eubanks hosted some of TV's most successful daytime programs such as Card Sharks and The Newlywed Game. He is the only game show personality to host the same format with original programming for five decades and TV Guide named him one of the top five game show hosts of all time. He is one of a kind, he is Bob Eubanks, and now he takes his forty years of experience in the entertainment industry and speaks to corporate America!   Link "learn more" to "What About Bob?" page.

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Short Stories About Big People

In 1964 Eubanks borrowed $25,000 on his house and produced The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl Concert. This was the beginning of a 20-year concert promotion career that included The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Barry Manilow, Elton John and Bob Dylan, just to name a few. During that time Eubanks became one of the largest concert promoters in America producing over 100 concerts per year nationwide.

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Bob Eubanks Biz

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